Hi! I’m Nicole. Designer, coach & speaker.

Nicole Saidy

I’m a designer & digital nomad from Beirut. I spend most of my time on the road with a mission to inspire people about design.

UI/UX Designer

I'm a freelance UI/UX design consultant with 6+ years of experience in digital design. I love designing simple and consistent web & mobile interfaces.

Front-End Developer

I like coding my own designs. I implement using HTML, CSS and basic Javascript. Recently, I'm using frameworks like Bootstrap, MDL & MDC.

Design Teacher

I coach design and front-end development at Le Wagon coding bootcamp in 5+ cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen & Barcelona.

Conference Speaker

I regularly speak at international conferences about topics like UI/UX, progressive web apps and design-development collaboration.

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From idea to product

I turn ideas into interactive digital experiences through a design process that consists of Planning, Wireframing, Prototyping & Testing.

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Designing great progressive web apps

A look into PWAs from a design perspective, and guidelines for designing great PWAs.

Location NDC Oslo
UX patterns for web developers

Developer-friendly UX patterns that developers should start using in their everyday code.

Location JSday Madrid, NDC London, Connect.tech Atlanta
Bridging the designer developer gap

How to better communicate through tips & tricks for a smarter workflow.

Location Ace! Krakow, PHP Benelux, Connect.tech Atlanta