Hi! I’m Nicole.
I'm a UX designer.

Nicole Saidy
I'm a UX designer based in Amsterdam, currently working at Booking.com's Design System team. I'm passionate about travel, collaboration and shaping new designers through my activities as a blogger, speaker and online course author.

Case studies and recent work

My online courses

Become a UI/UX designer

The complete design course for non-designers

Kickstart your design career with this self-paced online course including 3 hours of valuable information and precious downloadable resources.

Streamline your workflow

The efficient UI/UX design process in Figma

Create a consistent and scalable prototype in Figma in 30 mins, from wireframing all the way to handing off to developers.

On my blog

Some of my talks

Designing great progressive web apps

A look into PWAs from a design perspective, and guidelines for designing great PWAs.

UX patterns for web developers

Developer-friendly UX patterns that developers should start using in their everyday code.

Bridging the designer developer gap

How to better communicate through tips & tricks for a smarter workflow.